Tuesday, April 17, 2012


For those of you who read last week this is kind of a 'to be continued.'

Yesterday we needed to get to the grocery store after work and school because we ran out of time over the weekend to get there.  I had a thought in the back of my head that we may run into the man that we saw last week.  As we pulled into the parking lot I saw him but said nothing, I wanted to see if Ryan would notice him again.  He did and we had the following conversation:

R:  Uh-oh.
M:  What's wrong?
R:  That man is still there.  I guess he doesn't have a house yet.
M:  I guess not.  He looks like he still needs help.  What do you think we should do?
R:  Let's buy him a toy.  He might like a toy.
M:  We're probably not going to buy him a toy, I don't think he needs a toy.
R:  Well, why don't we go home and pick out something that I don't really play with anymore and bring it back to him?
M:  I like that idea, but let's think of something he might need more.

So, we went into the store and bought him some more apples and Cheez-its (everyone likes those, right?).  When we left the store I told Ryan that we should find out his name so that we could mention him by name in our prayers.  We gave him the food and I introduced myself to Hank.

We arrived home a bit later, put groceries away and sat down for a quick dinner because I had a meeting to go to.  As we sat down we held hands for our prayer and when I finished Ryan kept holding my hand.

R:  Don't let go of my hand mommy, we need to pray some more. 
M:  OK go ahead.  
R:  Dear Jesus, please help someone build a house for Hank soon.  Amen.

Thank you my sweet boy for always remembering the details.

Apples, Cheez-its and a little bit of prayer.     


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